Lightsaber Training: Dual-Wield and Saberstaff

Well I know for sure that I am going to be sore in the morning. My left arm already hurts but man does it feel good! The instructors gave us links to “homework” videos and although I’ve watched them all, there is nothing like actually being to do it. I just don’t have enough space in the house to move around (and outside, I just … Continue reading Lightsaber Training: Dual-Wield and Saberstaff

Raeh Doll

I’m not gonna lie. Ever since I started cosplaying as Rey, I’ve always wanted a X-Wing Pilot Doll. To be honest, it looks like a voodoo doll. But I can imagine little Rey just scavenging what she can and, probably because of her lack of sewing skills, she had to use found materials.  I’m sorta lucky enough to have materials on-hand except for the orange … Continue reading Raeh Doll

Another Cosplay, for when I’m too Lazy to Cosplay

Me, too lazy to cosplay? WHAAAAT? Yeah, I initially bought the Jyn costume as the costume I was going to keep in the back of my car when I have a Cosplaying event to go to right after work (and obviously a costume that doesn’t require me to leave a lightsaber in my trunk!) or for days I just don’t want to carry a lightsaber (I’m such … Continue reading Another Cosplay, for when I’m too Lazy to Cosplay

Dual Wielding a Lightsaber

Two weeks ago during saber class at Space City Sabers, the instructor had us create our own fighting choreography. I partnered with my friend Cindy who’s only been to a few classes but she sure can pick up choreography fast. I’m gonna say it again: it pays to have a background in dance sometimes. It was probably the craziest idea to practice dual-wield with a partner … Continue reading Dual Wielding a Lightsaber