Meeting up with Saber Guild Jakku Temple

It’s so hard to be a part of an LFL group when everyone is about 2 hours away from you. I’m a member of Saber Guild’s Jakku Temple and I think it’s safe to joke that I’m in the Niima Outpost here in Houston since everyone else is in Austin and San Antonio. But I feel blessed I got to hang out with these folks … Continue reading Meeting up with Saber Guild Jakku Temple

The Evolution of My Rose Tico Cosplay

This cosplay feels like a Pokémon that evolved right before my very eyes. August 6, 2017 = received the coverall from my sister in law. It was waaaaaay too big and too long but I’ll take it anyway! Sometime in October = decided not to push getting the cosplay done for Halloween. Opted for Resistance Rey instead. Sometime in November = didn’t debut for Renaissance … Continue reading The Evolution of My Rose Tico Cosplay

Make Love, Now War

“That’s how we’re gonna win, not fighting what we hate, but saving what we love.” That’s forever going to be one of my most favorite Star Wars phrases. The scene right after, not so much. (nope, not shipping Finn-Rose. NOPE!!!) Silliness aside, I got a dose of outright racism yesterday. As you all know, I’ve made a video sometime in mid-January to celebrate Kelly Marie … Continue reading Make Love, Now War