Dun, Dun, Dun… Another Rey Bites the Dust!

This has been an ongoing joke between my friend Manny (AKA Old Man Luke) and I. I met him at Space City Comic Con in May 2016 and I actually took this picture with him… [insert picture here!]. Now, I wasn’t the only Rey there. There were at least half a dozen, not including the kids. But surely I was the only one that had the Grey Resistance outfit. (That’s actually where I got the idea to name this blog from 😁)
I’ve kept in touch with two of those Reys and so has Manny. But according to him, all the Reys he took pictures with had joined the Dark Side. I want to say that this deluded old man is over-reacting (For the record, I haven’t fully given up my Jedi-ness. Still waiting for a Jedi or Sith teacher to teach me the ways of the Force and frankly, no one has stepped up to the plate. I don’t think anyone is fully ready for the insanity called Ellen.) But other Reys now have a TIE Fighter pilot costume and Sith Ladies.
And of course our other friend Jimbo is getting the blame for this. At another con, he wanted to see the pommel of my “Radioactive Yellow” Emerald Ultrasaber and the blade literally turned red in his hands. Oh these Sith, rather odd way to transfer the Dark Side of the Force to someone, huh?


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