Lightsaber Forms: Oh, the Choices!!!

Ellen in Makashi Guardia
Ellen in Form II: Makashi Guardia

I’ve been training with Space City Sabers since I first came across them at Space City Comic Con in March. They’re probably the second awesomest set of people I’ve ever met in my life (second only to my Disney family) and we don’t just train and duel, we actually talk about non-Star Wars stuff too. At first, the lessons were only once every two weeks but ever since we started weekly sessions in September I now had a reason to look forward to weekends (If you’re retail, you totally do NOT look forward to a work-weekend. Ewww.)
I remember a while back how one of the instructors was talking about the different forms. I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about so I brushed it off and just forgot about it. He hadn’t taught for a while so when he brings the forms again last week, things started to sound familiar.
To say I’m impatient is an understatement. This is probably the strongest Sith quality I have. As another friend suggested, I watched a video of TPLA’s Shii-Cho Dulon and Stances. I thought, “How can you attack with this? How can you use this in a duel? It’s not even aggressive.” Granted, I’m still a novice here. Don’t judge the voices in my head because of that. At first I thought Shii Cho felt more like a choreographed dance than a fighting sequence. But they are the basics, it’s a given that it seems boring and slow. I always imagined lightsaber fights like the Dooku vs. Yoda fight in EpII:TCW where all you see is a flash of red and green and a few glances of the green gremlin on crack.
When I first started training, I remember telling myself that I can never see myself being anything but a defensive fighter. That changed last week and it took me off guard. Usually I engage the guys into dueling with me and most of the time, I end up with my butt to the floor. At first I thought it was because my opponents are usually taller than me and because I’m looking up I lose balance. But that is not really the case. It’s because I was on my heels instead of the balls of my feet. So when I take defensive steps back, I easily lose my balance. Been working on that (and actually went back to my dancing roots and tried a few jazz turns and leaps before class. Definitely helped!)
Anyways, with my feet in mind, I asked my friend if we can duel. We never dueled against each other and never EVER against a dual-saber. So we circled each other for a few minutes. Light taps here and there. He even showed me how to get out of certain situations should my blade be in between his crossed sabers.
Mid-duel from afar, I could hear the instructor egg me on, per say. “Come on, Ellen. Find his weakness!” was his usual phrase. But when someone said, “Don’t be scared” that’s when I lost it.
What have I got to lose if I get hit anyway, street cred? Hahaha! So, I found myself chaotically experimenting swings. Not like we don’t practice upward strikes but I’ve always swung diagonally and downward. I decided to write the alphabet with the tip of my saber. When I did an upward figure-8, I noticed my opponent hop backwards. I thought that was odd. Also when I decided a horizontal sweep with a sudden pull-back, he did the same thing.
After a few minutes of pretty decent matches I found myself, for the first time since I started training on May, to be out of breath to the point that I’m coughing and thinking What did I just do to myself? Later that night, one of the guys posted in Facebook that I “dress like a Jedi. Fight like a Sith.” The Sith in me was grinning from ear to ear. The Jedi in me had a head-tilt kind of moment. Say what?!?
That’s when I decided to look up if I had just accidentally figured out what the instructor was talking about. Immediately, I started reading about Lightsaber Forms on Wookiepedia. And there it was, FORM VII.
“Juyo is not a Form that the Jedi Order think warmly of, and for good reason, as some claim that Juyo originated as a Sith fighting style. Better known by its alternative title, the “Ferocity Form”, the Seventh Form is vicious and unpredictable, calling heavily on the wielders’ emotions and passion to overpower opponents. It has been alleged that Juyo was the reason so many Jedi Knights fell to the Dark Side during the Dark Age and the last Sith War. For this reason, Juyo has always been looked down on by the modern Jedi Order – but for this same reason, the Seventh Form has been welcomed like a lost son by today’s warriors of the Dark Side.”
So umm, I guess that explains how Another Rey Bites the Dust happened. It all makes sense now!
For the record, I don’t want to stick to just one style. Not knowing the other styles means I will have no means of understanding how to block those styles when I’m at the opposite end of my opponent’s sabers. But surely, one form called me by name.

P.S. Sorry for the long post. Just think of this like a Sith Monologue or something just as winded hahaha!!!


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