Rogue One Early Screening

Thanks to my friend Bernie for tickets to the advanced screening of Rogue One at the Marq-E.


From L-R: Randy as Darth Vader, my husband as Obi Wan Kenobi, me as Resistance Rey, Storm Trooper, Bernie as Chirrut Imwe, (OMG, I forgot his name/character!), and Darth Vader

Days before, Bernie contacts me and asks if I still cosplayed Star Wars (seriously, Bernie. SERIOUSLY?) and then tells me that he has free tickets to the screening. The catch? We had to work and promote the movie in front of the theater two hours prior.

Work for free advanced screening movie tickets? HELL TO THE YEAH YEAH!

Only catch, EVERYONE needs to be in costume. Now, mind you, my husband REFUSES to cosplay. Like he’d rather have all his wisdom teeth pulled. But he was a good sport and was desperate to go so… the question is, what is he gonna wear?

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. He’ll just have to wear one of my costumes. Better question is… how did THIS:

Fit this guy:

JJ as Rey (with the Hubs)

ANSWER: Keeping most of the costume open and secured with lots and lots of safety pins. Hahahaha



Now, the biggest challenge is… will I be able to stay quiet for 24 hrs until the rest of the world watches it… STAY TUNED!!!


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