The Force was Not With Me Today

So… I’ve just been laid off my main job. It’s not that I didn’t see it coming, it’s just badly-timed. It’s Christmas!I’m not about to go on a word-rampage as to how hypocritical people can be because that just makes me look bad. And what’s the point anyway? It’s not like bad-mouthing my previous employer and pointing out every major flaw that office had is going to get me anywhere. Let’s just say that God and the Force wielded this and I’m meant to do other things. Better things. 
What do I really hope for in a job? Working for people who aren’t just seeing dollar signs. Working with people who care about their jobs and the people they work and care for. Working for people or patients or students that appreciate what I do. Working at a job that I am proud of. And working for a job that pays enough.
I know the latter makes me sound like a hypocrite myself. Call me greedy too if you want. But let’s face the facts here, life costs money. Cosplaying costs money. No money to pay bills means no money to enjoy the things I want to do.
At least I still have The Disney Store. It’s part-time but I’m so thankful I have this job. Not just because it’s a job but because I have people -no, FAMILY- here that tells me that things are going to get better and that I always have a shoulder to cry on.
And the upside to losing the other job is at least I get to recover. I haven’t been feeling well these past few days and this bug going around is killing me. I’m going to relax a little bit and enjoy the time I get to spend with my friends and family this holiday season.
I’m hoping all is well with the rest of you! Lotsa love from me.


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