A Letter to the Void… in a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

I initially wrote this letter yesterday morning hoping that someone knows someone who can get this to the Star Wars Brain Trust (Lucas, Abrams, K.Kennedy etc.) in time. But it’s as if the Force itself wielded the results in my favor. Hours later, they announced on StarWars.com that “We want to assure our fans that Lucasfilm has no plans to digitally recreate Carrie Fisher’s performance as Princess or General Leia Organa.”
This is the result I hoped for, and although as mentioned in this letter to the void a few alternatives, I am more than content with the braintrust’s decisions.

Just thought I’d share this with y’all.


My Facebook Post
Dear Star Wars Brain Trust,

It’s been weeks and we are all still grieving the death of Carrie Fisher. And I would hate to talk about business so soon while our wounds are still fresh. But in terms of her estate and her legacy, there is no sooner time for talks.

We, as fans, would be eternally grateful if you tastefully give the most proper sendoff to General Organa.

I recently watched the Making of The Force Awakens and it was mentioned how many of us Original Trilogy fans saw the movie as the returning to full circle: when Han and Chewie walked into the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon, when General Organa stepped out of her ship with Threepio, when Luke finally dropped his hood and stared at Rey. The scenes were both fresh and delightfully nostalgic. Each of those scenes still sends chills down my spine and this fangirl screams internally out of duty of not scaring canines within a mile radius of my location. But don’t get me wrong, I was very vocal when it came to the Millenim Falcon’s “Fourteen Parsec” Kessel run.

What I think the best goodbye you can give to our beloved Carrie (with the fans in mind as well) is, like I said, let things come to a full circle.

What do we remember most about Princess Leia besides her sass and awesome costumes? The line “Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi. You’re our only hope.” Heck, I’ll bet that Lucas film retitled the first movie by adding “A New Hope” because of this.

And how did we see this on-screen? In a projection through R2D2.

With that said, wouldn’t it be proper that the last scene we see General Organa in be the same way we were first introduced to Princess Leia?

Don’t get me wrong. I saw Rogue One twice… in one week. And I liked the Princess Leia CGI-ed cameo and I thought it was done well. But I really don’t want that for General Organa.

It was uneasy feeling to see Tarkin, knowing that the actor had been dead for decades. Imagining myself walking into SW:9 and seeing General Organa, I might have a panic attack in the theater. I probably can’t. I know I can’t stay in there.

I’m going to start this paragraph right now and say I don’t want General Organa to die. Heck, I’ve had at least a billion and one adventures with me as Jaina Solo and Princess Leia as my mother. I couldn’t even fathom that Leia wasn’t immortal. But it’s the circle of life and out of thousands of possible ways I could think of honoring her, this is the one that hit me right in the feels.

Let us see her one last time in SW:9 as a projected image, with her last message being for her twin brother Luke. But not because she dies from an explosion of her base or the destruction of the planet she’s in.

As a tribute to Debbie Reynolds, let Gen. Organa die from a broken heart after losing her son to the Dark Side. Just like Princess Leia’s mother, Padme Amidala, died in SW:3.

I’m the first to say that it’s too convenient. But I need -no- WE need that full circle.

(To push limits now let her disappear and be one with the Force like Obi Wan and Yoda died. I know, this is a long shot. But I was hoping Luke actually trained her as a Force-Sensitive because I always dreamed of her being a Jedi. My letter alone is pushing limits, let this part get ignored entirely.)

To add, I don’t know how the future movies are going to be; I can only theorize from the rumors I’ve read. I’ve heard that Gen. Organa has a bigger role in SW:8 -and possibly SW:9- that involves a confrontation with her son Ben. And also a reunion with her brother. And of course, if this is the route Disney and Lucasfilm are taking, to retain the impact of the scenes there has to be an actual Leia for this. There really is no other choice but to use CGI, of course. We can’t lose the synergy between the characters if their interaction is between comlinks after all. But if there is a way to minimize it, please do so. PLEASE.

I highly doubt this will even be seen by anyone besides my friends and family and fellow Star Wars Fans.

But here’s to hope! Hope that someone will magnify this small voice until it’s heard. For Carrie. For the Fans. For the future Star Wars fans.

You are missed, Carrie Fisher. May your legacy live on!!!

~ Ellen


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