Featured in the Ultrasabers’ Facebook Page


Ultrasabers FB Timeline 1.14.17.png


Yay! My husband and I just got featured on the Ultrasabers Facebook Page!!! Well, not by name, but still!!!

This picture of the both of us is definitely one of my all-time favorites. I’m so glad he finally got to experience what I do when I’m with my Star Wars friends. He actually had a pretty geeky discussion about the economics of Star Wars (oh don’t get me started!) and he dissed Darth Vader (while talking to two guys dressed up as Darth Vaders!) by saying DV didn’t have a military rank and therefore shouldn’t even be giving orders. And that he’s just the Emperor’s BFF per say.

Yeah. We haven’t been banned from events… YET. Thank the Force.

Still… PROUD MOMENT for the Hubs.


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