Photoshoot at Hermann Park

Herman Park is definitely one of my favorite parks here in Houston. I’m not outdoorsy because the heat always gives me a migraine but I love this park so much because it’s shaded by a lot of trees.

I go to Miller Outdoor Theater all the time since they have great shows and they’re free (what can I say? I’m cheap!). And I certainly don’t blame my photographer friend Christine from C Wright Photography for picking this venue for our shoot.

I had posted in two of the Star Wars groups I am in three days prior about a potential photo shoot and I received immediate responses. Christine asked for at least four and she got enough people for her group shot.


From L-R: Amber of Alamo City Canary Cosplay as a TIE Fighter Pilot, yours truly as Jedi Knight Khaniella Alika, Joe as a Jedi Guardian Dalo Roric and Joseph as Kylo Ren

EDIT: Added the photo after posting.

I had asked Christine if I can also get some shots as Jyn. Sorta wished I had my actual Jyn shirt for the picture (the tag showed on the left corner hem GRR!!) but I’ll live. She took a lot of action shots and I’m so excited to see the Jedi pictures I can use for my Rebel Legion Trading Card!!!

Will post more when the pictures come in.



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