Kelly Marie Tran! ❤💕❤

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Ever since I started cosplaying, I always worried that people will think “What was she thinking? She looks nothing like Rey/Jyn!” But I found out that the Star Wars cosplaying community is not only a forgiving one but also a very supportive community and I feel so blessed that I have found another family to belong to.
Mushy-ness aside, I’m thrilled that there’s a female Asian character who’s not a Jedi. That’s why I loved Jyn, because her strength/power comes from within and not from the use of the Force.

Can’t wait until Kelly Marie Tran as Rose kicks some serious butt.

(PS it sorta does scare me that KMT is just as small and energetic as I am, but OMG I wanna be her best friend! Hahaha!!!)


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