Aww My First Cosplay!!!

Today my friend Randy just texted me this screenshot of us (I’m Rey and he’s Vader) featured in the Trader’s Village Newsletter. Oh, my, god! What do you mean that was a year ago?!? Oh I was such a noob then! (Still am! 😁)

And here is another picture of me in the same costume, on Pinterest 🤓 
Talk about humble beginnings there! I literally did pull a Scavenger style costume there. I think I had most of the softlines; they were what I call “sacrificial” clothes that I used for cosplay. Still had to buy the boots and the body wrap (dollar scarves) and make the staff. And I’m laughing at the lightsaber. It’s the plastic one from Disney.

To sum this up in so few words: this but pretty embarrassing and nostalgic, but I am pretty proud of what I did there. Trader’s Village Comic Con was my first Con. It wasn’t big or anything, it was practically a flea market. But man, I had fun anyway. Space City Comic Con was my first real Con and I’m pretty sad that there won’t be another SCCC this year.

I suppose looking back, it was the cosplaying that got me all hyped to go in the first place. And all those new people I get to meet. And I wanted to show off what I can create too. Nowadays, it’s all these cool people I met along the way (most I see on an almost weekly basis) that makes me wanna go. They make every weekend or con something to look forward to and honestly, I feel so blessed to have them in my life.

Who would’ve thought I would meet all these great guys and gals in just a span of a year? Really, blessed is an understatement!


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