Hot Glue + Houston Heat = Dumbest Idea EVER

“Why are there two pairs of boots on there when you only making one Jyn set?” you might ask. Because one is the sacrificial boot and the other to replace said boot. I might be a tomboy but I still love shoes and especially the comfortable ones.

(Top left) My new pair of brown boots; (Bottom right) “Sacrificial” Jyn Combat Boots, still a WIP

I’ve had to redo my Jyn Boots because I accidentally left the boots in the back of my car the whole day and well, I forgot that all the bits and pieces were held together with hot glue.Add that to Houston heat = enough said.

Besides, I found smaller/flatter pair of “latches” made from the clips of kids pants hangers.

My version of the Jyn Boot Buckles made of plastic children’s pants hangers, zip ties, square flexible magnets and metal bails


You’d think I’d have put two and two together and figured THAT out before I glued them on the first time. Sadly no. Better late than never though!

(Top Pair) My new Jyn Boot Buckles; (Bottom Pair) My previous boot buckles

I first sanded the clips down because they’re plastic and were too smooth. Then I painted a layer of acrylic silver paint. After that dried I sanded the layer lightly again. Then I used a little shimmery silver nail polish and Top Coat enamel for the shine. I think came out decent for a budget build.

I wish I had the money for the real deal but, hey, no complaint. I still get to cosplay after all.

Can’t wait to attach the buckles to the shoe flaps tomorrow!

Time for bed!!!


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