Just a Little OCD

If you’re anything like me (a hot frigging mess) and you cosplay multiple characters, you’d want a go-bag for all the small bits and pieces that you can easily leave or lose. Or heck, I forgot to bring my designated Jedi pants and had to use my temporary Rey pants for a Jedi shoot. Lessons learned? Probably not. But now I’ve got lists.

I figured I’d need bigger (sturdier!) containers if I really want my blasters in with the rest of my thingabobs. But these were on-hand so no complaint.

You probably can’t see my itty bitty handwriting but here’s a glimpse of what I place in there. (NP = not pictured)

Jedi: Food caps, hair feathers. NP: covertec

Rey: Leather bracers (for Jakku Rey),  upper arm wraps. NP: gauntlets

Jyn: Gloves. NP: Kyber crystal pendant/necklace, vest greeblies x2.

Flipped over and VOILA! LISTS!!!

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