$8 Lightsaber Tonfa Shroud Attachment

I have a friend name Brandt who made a pair of lightsaber tonfas for my BFF Kim. She said it cost her about $200 each. Same friend fixed my sabers’ switches when I broke them off by accident and also made a decent lightsaber staff out of PVC pipes. I’ll probably get more into that on another post but I sure was inspired by both ideas.

And Jyn had a tonfa, right? But I’m not too keen to spend $200 for one cosplay. And especially since I already have five hilts (and I’m not General Grievous)… So I took my lazy heinie to Lowes and bought some PVC fittings and black spray paint.

BEFORE: Ardent, my Ultrasabers Dominix V2 with Adegan Silver LED with a 20″ Blade
Lowe’s Trip (Clockwise starting with L): 1″ End cap, 1 1/2″ Adapter, 1 1/2″ Tee Coupling & 1″ Dowel

I spray painted on my patio and took a nap while I waited for the pieces to dry. Then I wrapped the dowel with rubber grip strips that were leftovers from my Rey Staff. I secured them with electrical tape (because the paint kept rubbing off anyway and I wanted an all black tonfa). 

AFTER: My Dominix Incognito 🤓

After assembly it pretty much worked like a shroud, just slipped it right on. Of course I have to activate the saber before slipping on the shroud because it covers the switch. At the end of the Tee, I placed a rubber stopper to keep it from sliding but I’ll probably have to secure that on-site with electrical tape again. I’ll live with it.

I will definitely have to resist dueling with this baby. It looks good in pictures but it’s not as sturdy as it looks. Again, this is for looks.

Tomorrow I have to figure out how I can attach it to my belt so I won’t have to carry it around with me.


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