$8 Lightsaber Tonfa Shroud Attachment

I have a friend name Brandt who made a pair of lightsaber tonfas for my BFF Kim. She said it cost her about $200 each. Same friend fixed my sabers’ switches when I broke them off by accident and also made a decent lightsaber staff out of PVC pipes. I’ll probably get more into that on another post but I sure was inspired by both ideas.

And Jyn had a tonfa, right? But I’m not too keen to spend $200 for one cosplay. And especially since I already have five hilts (and I’m not General Grievous)… So I took my lazy heinie to Lowes and bought some PVC fittings and black spray paint.

BEFORE: Ardent, my Ultrasabers Dominix V2 with Adegan Silver LED with a 20″ Blade
Lowe’s Trip (Clockwise starting with L): 1″ End cap, 1 1/2″ Adapter, 1 1/2″ Tee Coupling & 1″ Dowel

I spray painted on my patio and took a nap while I waited for the pieces to dry. Then I wrapped the dowel with rubber grip strips that were leftovers from my Rey Staff. I secured them with electrical tape (because the paint kept rubbing off anyway and I wanted an all black tonfa). 

AFTER: My Dominix Incognito 🤓

After assembly it pretty much worked like a shroud, just slipped it right on. Of course I have to activate the saber before slipping on the shroud because it covers the switch. At the end of the Tee, I placed a rubber stopper to keep it from sliding but I’ll probably have to secure that on-site with electrical tape again. I’ll live with it.

I will definitely have to resist dueling with this baby. It looks good in pictures but it’s not as sturdy as it looks. Again, this is for looks.

Tomorrow I have to figure out how I can attach it to my belt so I won’t have to carry it around with me.


11 thoughts on “$8 Lightsaber Tonfa Shroud Attachment

  1. Hello Scavengergrey,

    Neat modification to your Ultrasaber and visually it looks as if the tonfa handle was meant to be on it. For hanging it from your belt there are a few options.
    Firstly there is the Covertech wheel and belt clip option (you can buy both the wheel attachment and belt clip from Ultrasabers or The Custom Saber Shop, TCSS). The wheel is attached via a screw onto the hilt, then the wheel snaps into the belt clip just like in the prequels. Second technique is the D-Ring and hook similar to how Luke’s Graflex hangs on a belt (You could use a picture frame hanging loop for this).
    And thirdly as your saber now looks like a Side-Handled Baton, you could find a 1.5in curtain ring and a loop of Velcro or fabric and make a hanger for the hilt like the police have for their nightsticks. Create a belt loop with the Velcro/fabric and stitch the curtain ring onto it (remember to paint the ring black to match everything) and when the belt loop hanger is threaded onto your belt you can slot your hilt through the curtain ring! This way you’re being a bit more crafty and it might cost less!
    Nice “meeting” you, For Tyeth

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    1. Those are pretty great ideas, Tyeth thank you! I think the last one would be best. I’ll have to do that come con season. I haven’t worn my Jyn costume since this picture was taken because TLJ costumes were were next in line. I had the Resistance Rey for Halloween and Renaissance Festival then of course Rose Tico for the premiere. I have yet to upload that here on my blog though.

      I don’t like covertec wheels on my stunt Sabers so I’ll pass that idea. This Saber is a V2, and has a thinner hilt so I don’t have much options with the battery cover, not unlike my Graflex’s for example. That I can add a D-Ring on (I should! I cosplay as Rey and just makes more sense right? Bahahaha) but that’ll have to wait. I’m working on Hero Rey costume and man I thought I was gonna save money but buying the cheaper fabric and then dyeing it myself. NOPE. Too bad the actual fabric used in the film is sold out, would’ve saved me a lot of frustration. The dye asks that salt be added but trust me no need from all the tears that ended up in the dyebath bahahaha

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  2. Hello again, I’d say you were free to decide if your Graflex should have a D-Ring, you can pick up Kobold replicas pretty cheap now. (Plus we don’t know what’s gonna happen with the Flex now!)
    I’m glad you liked the last “crafty” idea, it came to me as I typed my comment. For some reason I just thought Nightstick and asked myself what rings were similar…and curtain rings sprang to mind. I will have to come back here and get some tips on costuming as I really need some Jedi robes (mine were left behind in a dry cleaners on Coruscant :D!) Thanks again.


      1. When I scrape some funds together I will definitely ask for some tips on the best types of material to use etc. I see you seem to get “Force Choked” quite a bit ( I could Photoshop the images for you but the lighting is a bit tricky in one of the shots 😀 )


      2. Hahaha I only get Force Choked when I’m Jyn. When I’m Sith, it’s a different story. But yeah I don’t know how fabric and craft stores are in the UK but I would look for Linen-Look fabrics. They tend to have natural nap/texture on them after a wash and also doesn’t wrinkle as much as pure cotton fabrics.

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      3. Ok thanks for the info. I was hoping that I could find material like Twin Roses Designs use as that looked good (and they mentioned using linen!). I will have to get out and about and find some local dress making stores to check materials. Oh and if interested I think I can photoshop the picture with the Tie Fighter pilot if you want, as the lighting is better on that one!


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