Guess What Came in the Mail!

Okay I’m going to hold off the revelation here (because I’m evil like that!) but let me tell you about the rest of my day first…

Hand-Embroidering my Resistance Rey Epaulets… because I’m cray cray like that!

So I finally got to making the epaulets (shoulder pads) for my Resistance Rey costume. Of course I had to redo it because I didn’t measure the padding insert correctly. Shame on me! I would’ve been able to attach the epaulets on the actual vest by tonight if it weren’t for my miscalculations. Oh well, ’tis is cosplaying life!

Anyways, good night…


Oh yeah, what came in the mail!  *giggles like a little girl*


Rebel Legion Shirt

YAAAAY! It’s official. They’re stuck with me now!!!

Rebel Legion: Kessel Base

Oh, those poor people. I hope they have tranquilizer darts handy… or at least set their phasers to stun. They’re not ready for the insanity called Ellen!


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