My Husband’s First Lightsaber Training Class

My first year Saberversary with Space City Sabers is in the first week of June and it took this long for my husband to finally join us for class. He always rolled his eyes when I come home tired or if I wake up sore but he’s in for a treat. The tables will turn!

Showing my husband the ways of the Light side of the Force

The class usually starts at 6:00 and for an hour or so we practice drills. These drills vary as to who’s teaching that weekend. Two focus a lot on choreography. One focuses on staff while the other on off-hand and reverse grip. And our resident Sith focuses a lot on feet placement. So there is a great variety on what we learn.

Towards the end of the session, the lights go out and we either do free sparring or go to the side and practice on whatever we feel like practicing on. Today I practiced the Five-Point Star drill with my husband since I’m too tired to do anything else.


I’m a Dead Jedi… TR8RS!!!

With my little brother Manny being MIA, I got take his spot in the coveted floor “diva” pose. Yes, I’m the dead Jedi. It had been such a long day of cosplaying after all, I might as well be!

I’m out for the night. Cosplay Day Part 2 tomorrow and I have to be at work tomorrow at 6am and straight on to Trader’s Village.


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