Traders Village Day 2: This Cosplayer is Pewped!!!

It definitely was a long day for me. First off, store meeting at 6:00am. SAY WHAAAAT? Yup, that’s retail for you. But at least I went to work in my Jyn costume and no one batted an eye. Hahaha!


When I got to TV, I noticed that the group is a whole lot smaller today. Sunday, enough said. People have church or just want to stay home. But I did get more pictures taken as Jyn than I did Rey.

From L-R: Manny as Old Man Luke, (some guy whose name I didnt get), Yourse Truly as Jyn Erso, Jacqueline as a Sith Lady, Amber as TIE Fighter Pilot and Missy in her awesome lightsaber skirt.

I’m gonna be honest here: I TOTALLY love my Jyn costume, like more than I do my Rey costume. It’s not as screen-accurate as my Resistance Rey and the Jyn pants are definitely not the most comfortable to wear, but I love cosplaying as her! I love Rey but I think being Jyn just gives me a bit more of a boost because she’s a leader (compared to Rey who’s sadly a little Mary Sue, but I love her anyway) and a go-getter type, someone I definitely am not.

The Saber Walk group is smaller as well. Like I said, we didn’t have as many saber-wielders but the walk was further out into the grounds and we certainly had to stop more for pictures this time around. Regardless, we had so much fun!



043017 Jyn and Vader
Jyn and Vader at Trader’s Village Comic Con

And of course, the piece de resistance…  And I swear on my cats’ lives, this was not Photo-shopped. We achieved this picture (on the second try) with the photographer snapping away while I jumped as high as I can. I’m very proud of this outcome and trust me when I say I am going to print out this picture and brag about its awesomeness.

Hahah if only I can have someone Photoshop a better background…


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