Free Comic Book Day at the MarqE

I woke up today unsure on what costume I wanted to put on. Should I play it safe as Jyn or do I want to torture myself and have a panic attack while turning over the whole house just to find my missing Rey belt?

Instead, I decided to go for the day’s theme: Revenge of the Sith.

Knighted by Darth Leia/Vader

Yes, yes, I know! Kylo Ren technically isn’t a Sith. Sue me. Hahaha.

I haven’t worn this costume in almost a year so I’m both excited and worried when I was putting it on.

The Moment Kyla Ren loses her chill because Darth Leia/Vader is in the house!!!

Brought in some canned goods to donate to the Houston Food Bank and just posed for pictures. I think both Cindy and I stunned some kids after they realize we were both girls under the masks. Hahaha. Sorry kids!


Michael Manny plaque

After the tribute and plaque unveiling for Michael E. Manny, the Promotions Manager at Edwards Houston Marq’E Stadium 23 & IMAX, Manny and I decided to donate blood at one of the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center buses.

I’ve never donated blood before but I’m used to getting stuck with needles due to health problems. Now I know I’m a fainter if I see a needle so I told the phlebotomist to by no means should I see the damn thing. I was fine for a few minutes but the piece of gauze covering my arm just flew out and while I was trying to catch it, I saw the needle… in my arm…

And take a wild guess what happened next!

I’ve had to stay in the bus almost an hour afterwards because I felt faint afterwards. And the wait worried the bejeebers out of my friends. With good reason. When I finally got to order at Red Robin, I ran into the bathroom and sweet mother of dragons I did not have color in my lips.


I still managed to get to work today though. I thank God that my shift went smoothly.

I forgot to mention they gave away free posters for every blood donation. I gave the Cars 3 to Miko while Karly got both my Pirates of the Carribean and Guardians of the Galaxy posters. Yup, those lucky kids!

I got to keep this version:

star_wars_the_last_jedi movie poster


I’m gonna need to frame this. Hahaha.

But I feel so loved that Karly also got me a non-stick presser foot for my sewing machine. WOOOT! I can finally work on making some Jedi belts soon.


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