When the Master is Away, the Padawan will Play!

Sunday: Comic Palooza Day 2

This Padawan incognito was abandoned (temporarily) by her Jedi Master, but said Padawan had a mission: to cause as much trouble as possible while Master isn’t around! And this Padawan has SUCCEEDED! In a way, she also failed.

Took the early shift at the Rebel Legion booth today so I can start with my shenanigans early. Didn’t take long until…

Shenanigan #1: “I HAVE HIGH GROUND!” Get it?

Who leaves me ALONE at a booth unsupervised? Jedis! Seriously guys? WHHHHYYYY?!?! Might as well let Anakin into the Council but not give him the rank of Master. Oh wait…

Shenanigan #2: Gangsta Jedi

Ugh, I wish you could see my Chewbacca baseball hat better. WHY THE HECK IS THE PICTURE MIRRORED?!?

Shenanigan #3: “It’s not a problem if you don’t look up!”

So instead, I use my hand as blinders and look at my pretty shoes.

Shenanigan# 4: All your arguments are invalid. I got arrested by a cop AND Kylo Ren while Nien Nunb is acting too cool to care. What happened to Rebel solidarity Nunb!!!

Thank you Officer. M.H. Elliot for being such a kickass sport about this. Met him afterwards on the floor while he’s doing rounds. Startled him while I was sneaking up beside him. Let me off with a warning instead of sending me to timeout. ^_^

Shenanigan #5: Timeout for breaking my friend’s mom’s brain

I was told they were singing “Summer Lovin'” from Grease at last night’s Troop dinner. Just thought I’d give her my rendition of “Step in Time” from Mary Poppins for the next Troop.

“Strippin’ time, strippin’ time, strippin’ time, strippin’ time, Never need a reason, never need a rhyme,  strippin’ time, IT’S STRIPPIN’ TIME!”

Yeah, I’m a horrible person. Here’s more proof:

Shenanigan #6: Cosplaying as Mao Zedong (Gah, my hair’s receding!!! Like that’s gonna matter when I’m in HELL)

Even a gosh darn cellphone-as-a-mirror-check turns shenanigan-like.


Shenanigan #7: She’s Mary Poppins Y’all! Too bad she has PLANS!

Get it? Plans!… /dead

Shenanigan #8: Breaking Space Time Continuum!

Because two Jyns are better than one!

Shenanigan #9: Lunchtime! Girl needs protein (and sugar!)
Shenanigan# 10: Jumbeaux Pop! Because this crazyhead needs more sugar…

I had to use two paws to carry this big frigging Jumbo Pop. TOOT TOOOOOOT!!!

Shenanigan #11: *hums “She’s a Rebel” by Green Day*
Shenanigan #12 – Hanging out with Rebel Rocket! Probably the worse idea ever because Rocket is like the fire to my gasoline at this point…


Shenanigan #13: BOOOOOOOOP!

Rocket’s nose was wet. EWWWW!

Shenanigan #14 : Sent a “I’m in Jail” pic to mom… and it doesn’t even rattle her anymore.

Yep, mom’s used to the insanity.

Shenanigan #15: Deprogramming a Rebel to rebel against the Rebels!

Oh to heck with him. He was talking too much!!!

Shenanigan #16: Why did I suddenly have an urge to pull out my blue saber and cut these fluffy things in half?

They were sooo soooooooft!!! Yes, one managed to talk me into taking him home with me.

Shenanigan #17: Yup, I’m an action figure.
Shenanigan #18: They had to put a warning label on the box: “Sith Inside”
Shenanigan #19: Selfie sticks, approve Yoda does not!!!

Says the Jedi Master who seem so fascinated by a gosh darn flashlight…

Shenanigan #20: Yup. I just HAD to be that a****** today LOL
Shenanigan #21: Ninja Jyn = JYNJA!!!
Shenanigan #22: This is the Rebel Legion, isn’t it? I REBEL!

Like seriously… how did my application even get approved?!?! *shrug*

Shenanigan #23: Hayden, is that you?!?
Shenanigan #24: Please, let me apply to 501st Legion. PLEASE!!!
Shenanigan #25: After a LOOOOOONG exhausting day of shenanigans, I went back to the Light Side and practiced on some hair-ography.

Man, that fan under the booth felt SOOOOO gooooooooood.

Shenanigan #26: Look what I found! Should I keep it?

Well, she’s not frothing at the mouth so at least I know she doesn’t have rabies… ?

Once I finally got home, upon request I bombarded my Jedi Master with pictures and captions. “Creative” wasn’t the response I expected. I failed at “causing trouble”. Jedi Master was amused instead of disappointed. DARN IT! AND I REALLY TRIED HARD ON THIS!!!

On a serious note:

Last year, I started my journey into cosplaying not knowing anyone in any of the Star Wars groups. My friend-list has grown exponentially and still has room to expand.

And my Star Wars family, I couldn’t ask for any better. I am so thankful to have met all of you!

This picture literally only has a fraction of the people I met through the Legions (Rebel Legion, 501st and Mandolorian Mercenaries).

… I’ve heard it said
That people come into our lives for a reason
Bringing something we must learn
And we are led
To those who help us most to grow
If we let them
And we help them in return…

I look forward to hanging out, sharing hopes and dreams, and feeding the insanity that goes with cosplaying alongside all these awesome people for the rest of my life!!!

*I’m not crying, you’re crying!*


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