Mulan Mashup Cosplay

Don’t get any ideas now! I am NOT doing an actual Star Wars + Mulan Mashup (well at least not anytime soon) for a Comic Con or something. Just for pictures. And I would probably ask the photographer if I can have at least one mashup picture with me carrying a lightsaber instead of a sword. Just because.

My friend Cindy invited (enticed) me to join her Princess Fairy Photoshoot in July. I won’t lie, I’m a bit excited about this even though I never thought of myself as a Princess. I would like to admit, I REALLY love how the recent Princesses are go-getters and don’t wait for a Prince to rescue them. Good job Disney! is my go to place for cheap cosplay supplies. I’ve ordered money clips for $1 for my Jyn Boots, for example. But the costume below is around $115 while a similar one is ~$70 +shipping at the same site. Now, if I had cash to burn, I would’ve just bought the cheaper option. But nope! I already have the blue and red material for the obi and the Tunic. All I’ll probably need is a light blue shirt and a pink sash and I’m set.

Mulan Cosplay Costume from

Oh wait, I’m missing a piece?

I love the idea of this costume if the bottom wasn’t a dress or skirt. I’m deciding on whether to just use a white flowing skirt that I already have or get me some grey harem pants like Mulan wore when she was Ping.

Hey, it’s my cosplay and I’ll dress how I want to! ^_^ Now, anyone wanna bet how many times I’ll get my wings caught on anything? Yeah, I don’t think I can count that high.




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