Patch Vest Came In

I’ve been collecting Star Wars patches for a while now and I haven’t quite found a perfect vest to house them all in. I was going to revive an old denim vest but, unfortunately, it’s too short for the purpose. And wouldn’t I want a bigger canvas to work on anyway? I have a few jackets I wanted to sacrifice but since I live in Houston, I don’t want to roast in my own juices. Besides, I wanted something that’s slightly edgier without being too constraining.

I’m one of those people that prefer giftcards over presents. Granted, I’m probably the easiest person to buy presents for (anything Star Wars, Lilo and Stitch or Sanrio please!) but there is nothing like that feeling of having someone pre-pay for something you wanted to buy. Also, my birthday falls a week before Christmas and I didn’t want people to have to worry about buying two presents (or buying one big one).

American Rag Juniors Utility Vest from

Anyways, I have my husband to thank for this vest. He bought me a Macy’s giftcard for my birthday and I had forgotten about it until a few days ago. I bought a few more items but they were all a bust. I hate how junior sizes messes everything up, regardless of me checking that size chart. Oh well. I’m doing the return before the three-day weekend, that’s for sure.

I’ll post the finished product when my patches come in. I did get them from China so it might take a while. UGH.


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