I feel proud and blessed to have met many people this past year. And I have Star Wars to thank for that. But I didn’t just meet SW cosplayers, I met a lot who also cosplay other fandoms.

I met Jesus G. last december at an advanced screening of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, just a few days before my birthday. We were both invited to cosplay and promote the movie in front of the theater in exchange for tickets to the screening. Watch Star Wars 24 hours before my friends even get to watch it? HELL TO THE YEAH YEAH!

So after the movie, the lot of us got to talk about the joys of making props. I was showing him Rey Staff I had and he then showed me that he cosplayed other Marvel characters. One was them was the Punisher.

I didn’t quite connect the recent events at PHX with the cosplay he mentioned almost half a year ago. But his post certainly reminded me.

Screenshot from my iPhone. Posted here with permission.
That’s Jesus on the left.

My response:


These guys totally made my day at ComicPalooza, especially the cop. He could’ve just said “I’m on my rounds, sorry” and walked away. No he took this picture with me, played with the lightsabers, told us to keep it real and keep it safe. He’s awesome in my book.
And my niece Morgan is also a cop and I worry about her everyday. She genuinely cares about people and you can hear it when she talks about perps she’s had to deal with. Trust me when I say she doesn’t want to arrest people; she only does so because she wants to keep streets safe for everyone.

Mathew Sterling might’ve had a bad experience with a cop, maybe a family member was one, but either way… he intended to do harm and that’s NOT OK!
Sterling can wear the costume all he wants and say he’s the Punisher but he brings shame to the name. He wasn’t punishing those who deserve it. He is punishing everyone!!!


I never did get that coffee…

Jesus didn’t have to apologize to JDF. But he did. Because he anticipates a backlash. And I meant what I said in that last response. What if it Sterling had worn a Stormtrooper costume instead? Will the whole of the Star Wars community be categorized as “dangerous”?

I don’t know much about how this post will affect anything but I thought it needed to be said. For my sanity. Or maybe this is a way for me to make any sense of what Sterling had done.

Maybe we’ll never get a real answer. But at least I did something. I might not have acted, but at least I said something here.

Mathew Sterling. to call yourself as a “Punisher” is outright shameful. You are not Frank Castle and you are not a vigilante. You targeted people who haven’t done you any wrong and for that, YOU ARE A COWARD.

I hope you never get a chance to read this because then the world would be safer with a COWARD like you locked up in jail.



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