PHX Comicon Arrest

(based on a Facebook post)

Something like this hits really hard when you know people (from your own family, Legion family and cosplaying community family) that could’ve been victims in a situation. And it’s an added blow when it’s one of your childhood heroes.
It hits EXTRA HARD when you find yourself thinking “this could’ve been the Con you were at”… or have to make a contingency plan should this happen in the next Con you plan to attend.
I go to cons to have fun. To be with friends (most of who are now practically family) I’ve made through Star Wars and to get reacquainted with those I haven’t seen in months! To make new friends, share experiences, talk smack, buy cool stuff.

This (insert expletive) Mathew Sterling took that safety umbrella that keeps us away from the “normals” and ruined Cons for all for us. This also makes me worry about my niece, Morgan, who’s a police officer. This just EFFING HURTS!!!
But we must be vigilant than ever! We need to speak up and keep our families and fellow “weirdos” safe like that!

And take the chance to meet our childhood heroes because we never know when we might lose them (I love you, Space Mom Carrie 😭❤️💕 RIP)
Sure the props make our costumes. But the people underneath the costumes are what makes it all fun.
I asked a good friend of mine once, “if you take the Star Wars out of everything you like about a girl, would you still like her?” Take out the word “girl/her” in that sentence and replace it with the names of your friends. If your answer is yes, then said friend is family. And you, as a human being, have an obligation to keep your families close and keep them safe.
To that guy who spoke up about his friend’s intent to do harm, I know it must have been hard to snitch on your friend. But you saved him, in a way. And you save my friends, my family and my way of life.
Chartral Rinponche said, “No thing is as dear to someone as his or her own life, so no greater crime is there than taking life away. And no conditioned virtue brings greater merit than the act of saving beings and ransoming their lives.”
You’re a hero to many of us now. I am eternally grateful to you and may God Bless you.
STAY SAFE EVERYONE. Constant vigilance and may the Force be with you all, ALWAYS! ❤️


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