Dual Wielding a Lightsaber

img_4648Two weeks ago during saber class at Space City Sabers, the instructor had us create our own fighting choreography. I partnered with my friend Cindy who’s only been to a few classes but she sure can pick up choreography fast. I’m gonna say it again: it pays to have a background in dance sometimes.

It was probably the craziest idea to practice dual-wield with a partner who’s only been in three sessions, but she pointed it out well enough: I had two different colored lightsabers and that made it easier for her to alternate sabers to hit. (She’s just so awesome like that, I love her to death!)

I am psyched that the instructors are incorporating a Dual-Wield/Saberstaff lesson this Saturday. But nonetheless, they added the dreaded HOMEWORK. The instructors wants to look into the youtube videos by Saber Project. They’re from Germany but their videos have English instructions anyway, which I am thankful for. The videos are short (3 mins each) but go slow-motion which makes for easier instructions). We’re supposed to pick either a Dual-Wield or Saberstaff “Style” and in all honesty, I want to try both! Probably lean more to Dual-Wield, but you know I can’t resist the temptation to use my Quick Release Couplers from Ultrasabers.

Anyways, I am glad both the Hubs and I are off tomorrow so I will probably talk him into practicing with me for a few minutes. Excited!!!


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