Another Cosplay, for when I’m too Lazy to Cosplay

Me, too lazy to cosplay? WHAAAAT?

Yeah, I initially bought the Jyn costume as the costume I was going to keep in the back of my car when I have a Cosplaying event to go to right after work (and obviously a costume that doesn’t require me to leave a lightsaber in my trunk!) or for days I just don’t want to carry a lightsaber (I’m such a gosh darn liar!)

SO one day at work, I played a 10-Question game with three of my coworkers and I had them guess what costume I was going to do next. A few questions were pretty normal: “Is it from Star Wars?” and “But which movie from the series?”. I definitely gave away “Star Wars” and “Rogue One”. Some of them guessed whether it was Cassian, Chirrut, Baze, or Bodhi at this point but my answer was no. One of the girls asked if it was Lyra, which I thought was the best guess of all, but even I had to break it to her that her answer was incorrect. One of them guessed Trooper (Sand or Death Trooper) but I joked that I’m too short to be one. But from that comment, I told him to think long an hard at what he just said.


Are you raising an eyebrow yet?

Here’s another clue:

It looks so much like my new Star Wars Patch Vest, doesn’t it? Give up?

Well I’m short, definitely a-dork-able, but not as adorable as this little cutie!



Yup, laugh out loud with me. I decided I want to a Young Jyn Costume. Why? Because I’m getting a little tired having to compete with my friends for the Older Jyn costume. I just feel like theirs are much more screen-accurate and I just feel like I can’t compete with them. The Young Jyn’s definitely NOT going to be screen accurate but at least I can casually wear the jacket without anyone suspecting that I’m even Cosplaying. More like an inside joke kind of thing. I hope I can rock those pigtails though ^_^

But I guess that’s why I would kill for a Rose Costume right now. I need more pictures, resources… something to tide me over until TLJ comes out. GAAAH!!!



Yes, I know I’m evil for having my featured image as Stormie, the Stormtrooper doll. But I do plan to make one by hand soon, so there!



2 thoughts on “Another Cosplay, for when I’m too Lazy to Cosplay

  1. This is such an AWESOME idea!!!! I love those cosplays that are just inconspicuous enough that you can wear them out in public and only get noticed by a fellow super-nerd of the same status as yourself. (I may have to steal your idea on this one sometime….) 😆


    1. Steal away! I actually bought a long tan vest online that would’ve been the body wrap substitute. But it didn’t cover me properly on the top. Had it fit properly, it would have looked great over the Rey dress got for me at Disney World.

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