Raeh Doll

I’m not gonna lie. Ever since I started cosplaying as Rey, I’ve always wanted a X-Wing Pilot Doll. To be honest, it looks like a voodoo doll. But I can imagine little Rey just scavenging what she can and, probably because of her lack of sewing skills, she had to use found materials. 

I’m sorta lucky enough to have materials on-hand except for the orange fabric (which was a kids shirt I found at a dollar store and dyed darker). I had to gauge the size of this doll by hen picture and I think it turned out well.

It looks too clean but I initially wanted to give this to Vivi, my friend’s baby. But it being my prototype, I’m scared that she might choke on the twine and burlap. I’ll let her parents borrow this one for pictures or something but I wanna give her a more baby-safe doll to keep. 

Doesn’t that costume look almost done? I still have to Velcro the front part and also to put pull-away buckles on the staff strap. But overall, I love the costume! Too darn cute and I can’t wait for her to wear it. 


5 thoughts on “Raeh Doll

  1. Oooh, love that doll!! I’ve been wanting to make one for a while, too, since I also do Rey’s scavenger outfit. I’m just gonna have to break down and start it as soon as I’m done with the Jyn cross-stitch I’m doing now. 😀
    What did you make your across-the-body wraps from? I did mine from a thin cotton gauze I found at Hobby Lobby and dyed myself, but I’m really considering remaking them with something that’s a bit thinner and will have more “float” in the breeze, if that makes sense. 😀


    1. I used 4 scarves from wish.com for the body wrap actually. It’s really light and I love how it moves when I walk. I’ve since repurposed the scarves for the Star Wars Battlefront II (VG) version of the Rey costume. I’m literally holding the costume as I type this. I’ll post an update probably later today if I finish this 😇

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      1. Ok, thanks for the tip!! 😀
        Oh yes, I finally got to see the full thing of that version on the Battlefront II stand at GameStop yesterday!!! I love it! I am totally planning to change mine up into that one as soon as we get a few more reference pics!
        I’m still unclear on whether she’ll actually be wearing that in The Last Jedi or not….I know it’s on the promotional material and packaging for merchandise from the movie, but I can’t figure out if it’ll actually be seen onscreen….I really hope it is, I love how much it looks like a prequels/Clone Wars-era Jedi with a different twist. 😃


      2. I finished this costume last night but I won’t be posting until maybe the end of the week… two jobs, yay…

        I think it’s not going to be TLJ costume. Probably a promo for BFII only, if even. Either way, it’s an update to the Jakku Rey costume that I made. I honestly don’t look good in tan and I didn’t want to throw away the costume and I’m glad I could repurpose the bits and pieces.

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      3. I’ll be looking forward to your post on it!! 😀

        I’m starting to think the same thing as well…I’m a little puzzled as to why exactly they’ve got it on promotional material for TLJ if it’s not gonna be in the movie…in fact, I’m pretty sure there was a Hallmark ornament for TLJ of her in that outfit that got leaked. Though possibly they changed it because it got leaked so early like that. I do still hope we get something with it though…

        Yep, I can sympathize with that!! 😄 Right now mine just hangs in the back of my closet next to my fem. Thrawn, waiting for me to actually go to a con, whenever that’s actually gonna happen.

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