What a Steal!

The Dark Side called to me again today… and I couldn’t resist it.

Anyways, I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned where I work at. (Figure it out yourselves because I am not going to reveal it :P) But I was cleaning out the stockroom of all the clearance items that we could use for our beginning of summer sale. We wanted those items out of the stockroom and on to the sales floor!

Then I found this:


The box was all beaten up and the sides are practically non-existent, and had it been on the sales floor probably no one would probably want it. So I decided to adopt it.

OK, so how much is this? $4.79 pre-tax after my discount. WHHHHAAAAT? I probably wont wear it but I sure don’t mind using it as a prop for our events with Star Wars Enthusiasts of Houston.


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