Another One for My Prop Junk Box

I don’t know about y’all but I’m a sucker when it comes to good deals. It’s not even funny sometimes. I don’t even intend to buy anything and I’d find items in the weirdest places. When it comes to being a Budget Build Cosplaying, Goodwill or Salvation Army are my go-to places.

I’ve been going to Big Lots to purchase items like toilet paper and paper plates because their bulk prices are pretty good. The other day, I decided to check their summer stuff and came across a water blaster.

Big Lots Blaster
Big Lots Water Blaster… would you turn it down for $7? I wish I would’ve bought two so I can challenge my husband to a water fight HAHAHA!!!

What I like about this is that it’s big enough to use a Mandalorian Blaster and has a trigger so it doesn’t look like a cheap water toy. Great deal, right?

Watch me top that again.

As I mentioned earlier, I also raid Goodwill for bargains. There are about 4 around where I live (but I can never find anything good at the one near a Salvation Army. I wonder why…). This time around, the Goodwill near my workplace had this oversized Nerf gun. I was internally squealing like a little girl.


Stock photo from the website

Can you believe I got this for $2.50???

I gotta find me some time to sand down the brands and the silly markings, primer + paint and maybe some leather on the grips. Not that I’m gonna have a Mandalorian costume anytime soon, but I can probably sell these guys should delays occur.


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