Saying “No” to Band-Aid Solutions

I lost all my wisdom teeth + impacted molars a few years ago and the Tooth Fairy still owes me for 8 teeth… that *BLEEEEEP*

My filling came out a few months ago and I’ve been re-filling it with them over-the-counter teeth putty. Yes, yes, I know I should’ve gone to the dentist sooner since my tooth has been hurting. And now I’m regretting not going sooner even more. The dentist who took out my wisdom teeth already told me that I have high chances of needing a root canal because there is this stray nerve that was near the teeth he just pulled out. And there I was at a the dentist chair a few minutes ago going, “dang it, tomorrow’s my anniversary!”

There you have it folks, learn from my mistakes. SAY NO TO BANDAID SOLUTIONS.


(PS Sorry I haven’t been posting much recently. I’ve been miserable these past few weeks.)


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