Getting my (video)Game On: Battlefront II Rey Cosplay

I’m not even gonna lie at this point… I got super-excited to see this picture. I didn’t care if there was ever going to be a CRL for this costume, but I’m making it anyway.

I approached this project saying, “meh, do what you want and just make it look good” (since I haven’t been feeling well this past few weeks) to “OMG I need to OCD and have to ask Stefany how she made hers!” P.S. Stefany is someone who I started following on Facebook when I first started my Rey Journey. She is the ultimate Rey in my opinion and is one of those people who I wish I lived near me.

After showing her multiple sketches and talking to her, I had to scrap my initial idea because the front would not have lain properly in the front. Here is my rendition of the costume (sans the body wrap, which sadly I could not find at the moment!):

When my mannequin dresses better than I do! (Forgive the mess, I’m making Cosplay!)

I made the mistake of using the pattern of my Jedi tunic as the base for this costume. It ended up too wide across the belly. Thankfully I drew on the tunic (as shown above) instead of immediately cutting because otherwise there’d have been a lot more tears making this silly thing. I placed a seamline straight down the back (although BFII doesn’t have one) because I just didn’t have the time (or patience) to fix it. Also, although I didn’t intend to, my tunic ended up with a collar. UGH. I’m just gonna leave it as is before I ruin it due to my OCD. Overall, I am happy with how this turned out. Now, if only I can find that body wrap…

I’m dyeing this tomorrow so I’m hoping that it comes out the same hue as Daisy’s costume. Fingers crossed!


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