Space City Sabers Event at Barbara Bush Library

It was an event like this at Space City Comic Con when I found my saber family. I came in as someone who was “just interested” and ended up being a regular. And a few months after that at Amazing Houston, I helped teach a big crowd and loved every moment of it. Alas, we were not invited this year at ComicPalooza but this smaller (pun intended) is a total different experience.

All photos are by Miss Mar. ^_^

Pinning the cloak to Manny’s Luke Skywalkers costume is like aiming for a moving target… Yup, half of pictures of Manny and me are of me being pissed off at him.


My goofy self as Battlefront II Rey, little brother Manny as TFA Luke Skywalker and Marcus as Darth Cha’ac.


Joe is one of those people who is really great with kids. I wish I’d one day learn to easily connect with kids like he does.
We taught the little ones the Five-Point Star Defense and Offense. This little girl had a harder time remembering but she sure is good at listening. I’d say I wouldn’t mind her as a Padawan but she sure fights like a Sith! (Look who’s talking…)
5-POINT STAR (OFFENSE): Right Leg, Left Shoulder, Right Shoulder, Left Leg, Overhead. 5-POINT STAR (DEFENSE): Left Leg, Right Shoulder, Left Shoulder, Right Leg, Overhead


She can’t quite get her Overhead so I really had to protect my face. See that nervous smile? Ha!!!


As much as I thought I’ve progressed this year, there are moments like this when I realize that my feet still aren’t battle ready. Granted, my “enemy” is about 3′ tall but still!!! She aims for the feet.
Big Group Photo! We had too many parents taking pictures so we didn’t quite know where to look…
Mini-Group Photo
SCS Group Photo with my Padawan (Apprentice?) and her older brother.
Yeah, umm, I don’t know what we’re all doing in this picture either… LOL
The Ladies (and little Angie!) of Space City Sabers

And of course, I couldn’t end the day without having any SHE-NANIGANS!!!

Trying to become Darth Cha’ac’s Apprentice.

She-nanigan Thwarted by Jedi Master Holly again. Darth Cha’ac doesn’t look amused either way.

My Jedi Master Holly ^_^ Aren’t stinkin’ adorkable?!?! And OOH, progress. Decent foot placement for me. Maybe for Makashi? *shrug*