I am Moana from Mata Nui!!!

So we made a music video for a contest today. Not gonna say much about it just yet because I don’t know if it needs to be hush hush. But I chose Moana as my character.

Y’all know by now how I make costumes and I decided not to completely OCD about this one. Let’s just call this Budget Build Moana. I put my foot down and said, “No tube top!” because I don’t feel as comfortable showing my belly to begin with and to have my shoulders completely bare just freaks me out. *shrug* And no way I was going to spend money on a hula skirt when only the top half of me is going to be in the video. So I layered a cream-colored summer dress over a white flowing skirt and called it a done.

My first successful Snapchat picture Hahahahaha!!!

Don’t you just love that Pua plush?

After getting my orange tank top from amazon.com for about $5, I also looked around Jo Anns for trim and ribbon. Spent another $5 on those and I already have the puka shells and wooden beads so I was ready to start embellishing my tank top.

Embellishment Time!
Deciding how to design my tank top. Laying out my idea is hard work hehe.


As you can see from the first picture the top was long enough so I cut a few inches off the hem and just made the spare material into a sash. Sorry I don’t have a picture of it. Going to have to wait until the video is out, sorry!

So after two hours of filming… and waiting outside in Houston heat because mall doors were unexpectedly locked (there were helicopters hovering the roof/helipad above us)… this is what I look like:

Moana from Mata Nui
Don’t let my tired look fool you. I had some serious fun with my friends making this video!

I wish I could’ve added one more line of shells/wooden beads but it would’ve been too heavy for the material. I’ve even had to use a liner for that but at least it was orange and you can’t tell. All in all I’m more than pleased as to how this Budget Tank Top looked. What do you think?


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