Lightsaber Training: Dual-Wield and Saberstaff

Well I know for sure that I am going to be sore in the morning. My left arm already hurts but man does it feel good! The instructors gave us links to “homework” videos and although I’ve watched them all, there is nothing like actually being to do it. I just don’t have enough space in the house to move around (and outside, I just … Continue reading Lightsaber Training: Dual-Wield and Saberstaff

Dual Wielding a Lightsaber

Two weeks ago during saber class at Space City Sabers, the instructor had us create our own fighting choreography. I partnered with my friend Cindy who’s only been to a few classes but she sure can pick up choreography fast. I’m gonna say it again: it pays to have a background in dance sometimes. It was probably the craziest idea to practice dual-wield with a partner … Continue reading Dual Wielding a Lightsaber

PHX Comicon Arrest (based on a Facebook post) Something like this hits really hard when you know people (from your own family, Legion family and cosplaying community family) that could’ve been victims in a situation. And it’s an added blow when it’s one of your childhood heroes. It hits EXTRA HARD when you find yourself thinking “this could’ve been the Con you were at”… or have to … Continue reading PHX Comicon Arrest 

Free Comic Book Day at the MarqE

I woke up today unsure on what costume I wanted to put on. Should I play it safe as Jyn or do I want to torture myself and have a panic attack while turning over the whole house just to find my missing Rey belt? Instead, I decided to go for the day’s theme: Revenge of the Sith. Yes, yes, I know! Kylo Ren technically isn’t a … Continue reading Free Comic Book Day at the MarqE

Traders Village Day 2: This Cosplayer is Pewped!!!

It definitely was a long day for me. First off, store meeting at 6:00am. SAY WHAAAAT? Yup, that’s retail for you. But at least I went to work in my Jyn costume and no one batted an eye. Hahaha!   When I got to TV, I noticed that the group is a whole lot smaller today. Sunday, enough said. People have church or just want … Continue reading Traders Village Day 2: This Cosplayer is Pewped!!!

This is a Rebellion, Isn’t It?

Last week while the rest of us whimpering about not being at the Star Wars Celebration Orlando, Christine from C. Wright Photography invited us to a Star Wars Photoshoot at Hermann Park. Many were interested but four came. She had sent me the photos last night but I was making my Lightsaber Tonfa Shroud and forgot to upload these: I like being the short one in a group. I … Continue reading This is a Rebellion, Isn’t It?

$8 Lightsaber Tonfa Shroud Attachment

I have a friend name Brandt who made a pair of lightsaber tonfas for my BFF Kim. She said it cost her about $200 each. Same friend fixed my sabers’ switches when I broke them off by accident and also made a decent lightsaber staff out of PVC pipes. I’ll probably get more into that on another post but I sure was inspired by both … Continue reading $8 Lightsaber Tonfa Shroud Attachment