Electro-Shock Prod = Done

It took me a couple of days to get this crazy thing to the way I want it. Yay waiting for paint to dry! 😭. I will be posting a tutorial for it when I get the chance. But for now, I’m gonna take a mini-break from props and work on my actual Rose Tico costume. Can’t wait until Sunday to debut V.2 for the … Continue reading Electro-Shock Prod = Done

Ben Solo Lightsaber

The downside to working at a toy store when you don’t have kids is the justification of buying said toys. That’s the case again this time… sorta. I got another Kylo Ren Saber. I already have one but I figured I’d need a prop when I’m cosplaying as Kyla Ren and didn’t want to risk it. So Star Wars toys had an extra discount today … Continue reading Ben Solo Lightsaber

Raeh Doll

I’m not gonna lie. Ever since I started cosplaying as Rey, I’ve always wanted a X-Wing Pilot Doll. To be honest, it looks like a voodoo doll. But I can imagine little Rey just scavenging what she can and, probably because of her lack of sewing skills, she had to use found materials.  I’m sorta lucky enough to have materials on-hand except for the orange … Continue reading Raeh Doll

PHX Comicon Arrest 

http://www.abc15.com/news/crime/update-armed-man-arrested-at-phx-comicon-after-struggling-with-police (based on a Facebook post) Something like this hits really hard when you know people (from your own family, Legion family and cosplaying community family) that could’ve been victims in a situation. And it’s an added blow when it’s one of your childhood heroes. It hits EXTRA HARD when you find yourself thinking “this could’ve been the Con you were at”… or have to … Continue reading PHX Comicon Arrest