The Evolution of My Rose Tico Cosplay

This cosplay feels like a Pokémon that evolved right before my very eyes. August 6, 2017 = received the coverall from my sister in law. It was waaaaaay too big and too long but I’ll take it anyway! Sometime in October = decided not to push getting the cosplay done for Halloween. Opted for Resistance Rey instead. Sometime in November = didn’t debut for Renaissance … Continue reading The Evolution of My Rose Tico Cosplay

Make Love, Now War

“That’s how we’re gonna win, not fighting what we hate, but saving what we love.” That’s forever going to be one of my most favorite Star Wars phrases. The scene right after, not so much. (nope, not shipping Finn-Rose. NOPE!!!) Silliness aside, I got a dose of outright racism yesterday. As you all know, I’ve made a video sometime in mid-January to celebrate Kelly Marie … Continue reading Make Love, Now War


It feels good to give to the community. Volunteering time to pack lunches for the homeless. Cosplaying for a cause, doesn’t matter if it’s a big convention or if it’s just a local one. But when you see the smiles on people’s faces and when they ask for a picture with you, you know you made someone’s day a little brighter. I’ve been on the … Continue reading Blessings

Ben Solo Lightsaber

The downside to working at a toy store when you don’t have kids is the justification of buying said toys. That’s the case again this time… sorta. I got another Kylo Ren Saber. I already have one but I figured I’d need a prop when I’m cosplaying as Kyla Ren and didn’t want to risk it. So Star Wars toys had an extra discount today … Continue reading Ben Solo Lightsaber

Oops He Did It Again

I got home last night and my husband was singing that song. Of course after a long day at work there I was going, “REALLY? I had a long day and I am not in the mood for this.” And with a big grin on his face he says, “well, sorry hunny, I really did it again. Go check the bathroom” SERIOUSLY? What kind of … Continue reading Oops He Did It Again