Where Are You, (insert holiday)? Why Can’t I Find You?!?!

I really don’t like posting about politics and business or anything that relates to those matters. But hey it’s my blog and I’m a little on the sad side right now so I hope y’all can forgive me. First of all, do NOT get me wrong. I love my job and I love my coworkers and my boss. They’re practically family. And with that said, … Continue reading Where Are You, (insert holiday)? Why Can’t I Find You?!?!

Saying “No” to Band-Aid Solutions

I lost all my wisdom teeth + impacted molars a few years ago and the Tooth Fairy still owes me for 8 teeth… that *BLEEEEEP* My filling came out a few months ago and I’ve been re-filling it with them over-the-counter teeth putty. Yes, yes, I know I should’ve gone to the dentist sooner since my tooth has been hurting. And now I’m regretting not … Continue reading Saying “No” to Band-Aid Solutions

PHX Comicon Arrest 

http://www.abc15.com/news/crime/update-armed-man-arrested-at-phx-comicon-after-struggling-with-police (based on a Facebook post) Something like this hits really hard when you know people (from your own family, Legion family and cosplaying community family) that could’ve been victims in a situation. And it’s an added blow when it’s one of your childhood heroes. It hits EXTRA HARD when you find yourself thinking “this could’ve been the Con you were at”… or have to … Continue reading PHX Comicon Arrest 

Vanity Fair Covers

Who is squeeing like a little fangirl? THIS GIRL! Don’t you dare judge me! Picture from Vanity Fair Of course, I cried a little when I saw The General Leia cover. And her picture with Billie Lourde.  *bawls like a little baby, then composes self* Then did y’all see Rose’s costume? I don’t know whether I am happy about the jumpsuit, but I guess I … Continue reading Vanity Fair Covers