PHX Comicon Arrest (based on a Facebook post) Something like this hits really hard when you know people (from your own family, Legion family and cosplaying community family) that could’ve been victims in a situation. And it’s an added blow when it’s one of your childhood heroes. It hits EXTRA HARD when you find yourself thinking “this could’ve been the Con you were at”… or have to … Continue reading PHX Comicon Arrest 

Vanity Fair Covers

Who is squeeing like a little fangirl? THIS GIRL! Don’t you dare judge me! Picture from Vanity Fair Of course, I cried a little when I saw The General Leia cover. And her picture with Billie Lourde.  *bawls like a little baby, then composes self* Then did y’all see Rose’s costume? I don’t know whether I am happy about the jumpsuit, but I guess I … Continue reading Vanity Fair Covers

Patch Vest Came In

I’ve been collecting Star Wars patches for a while now and I haven’t quite found a perfect vest to house them all in. I was going to revive an old denim vest but, unfortunately, it’s too short for the purpose. And wouldn’t I want a bigger canvas to work on anyway? I have a few jackets I wanted to sacrifice but since I live in Houston, I don’t want … Continue reading Patch Vest Came In

Mulan Mashup Cosplay

Don’t get any ideas now! I am NOT doing an actual Star Wars + Mulan Mashup (well at least not anytime soon) for a Comic Con or something. Just for pictures. And I would probably ask the photographer if I can have at least one mashup picture with me carrying a lightsaber instead of a sword. Just because. My friend Cindy invited (enticed) me to join her Princess Fairy … Continue reading Mulan Mashup Cosplay

When the Master is Away, the Padawan will Play!

Sunday: Comic Palooza Day 2 This Padawan incognito was abandoned (temporarily) by her Jedi Master, but said Padawan had a mission: to cause as much trouble as possible while Master isn’t around! And this Padawan has SUCCEEDED! In a way, she also failed. Took the early shift at the Rebel Legion booth today so I can start with my shenanigans early. Didn’t take long until… Who leaves me ALONE … Continue reading When the Master is Away, the Padawan will Play!

Free Comic Book Day at the MarqE

I woke up today unsure on what costume I wanted to put on. Should I play it safe as Jyn or do I want to torture myself and have a panic attack while turning over the whole house just to find my missing Rey belt? Instead, I decided to go for the day’s theme: Revenge of the Sith. Yes, yes, I know! Kylo Ren technically isn’t a … Continue reading Free Comic Book Day at the MarqE