The Prop Master Crafter

I am always up to no good. But now, you can start with your own shenanigans. And by shenanigans I meant Craft Projects:

Work in Progress:
PROP: Ben Solo Lightsaber out of the Disney Store Kylo Ren Lightsaber (As of 12/31/17)



PROP: Rose Tico Electro-Shock Prod

A friend had given me the 3D-Print as a gift. I decided to make him proud by painting, detailing and also weathering it.




TUTORIAL: Rose Tico Data Spikes (AKA Arm and Belt Greeblies)

These greeblies are made of two different sized Hose Barbs from Lowe’s, hot glue and some decorative sand for weight. There are two different sizes: 3″ for the arms loops and 2.5″ for the belt loops.



img_0251TUTORIAL: Rose Tico Leg Comm Pad

Made this greeblie for my Rose Tico Costume out of an old CD case, hot glue and an old spirograph piece.




PROP: Raeh Doll

This is my attempt at making the small doll that Rey had in her AT-AT home.



img_4356TUTORIAL: Jyn Erso “Jedi” Lightsaber Tonfa Shroud Attachment

This is a shroud (slip-on) attachment to my Ultrasabers Dominix V2 Lightsaber. I’m sure with a few tweaks, you can use it for your lightsabers as well.
I use it mainly for my Jyn Erso Costume